Instruments For Yarn Testing

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    Electronic Twist Tester Model

    "TT-MCT" Having following specifications.

    Yarn Length 50mm to 500 mm adjustable(metric or 2" to 20" adjustable (imperial unit).Test length adjustment by slider mechanism.
    Reading Displayed directly in TPM/TPI.
    Material Suitable for S/Z type of twisted yarns, multi as well as single filament yarns.
    Range Up to 999 TPM or 99.99 TPI.
    Resolution 1 PTM or 0.01 TPI.
    Motor Speed. Up to 1500 RPM adjustable. Manual control of Rotation is possible by hand.
    Clamps Spring load clamps at both end of the instrument for easy clamping of Yarn.
    Averaging Reading of twenty samples can be stored and average TPM/TPI value is Calculated and displayed.
    Display 16 digit backlit LCD display to display specified length, Specimen No. Mode of testing and TPM/TPI value.
    Electronic Sensor For sensing zero(starting position)
    Tension weight Up to 100 grams adjustable in step of 5 grams
    Electric supply 230V AC, 30 volts.
    Size 1000 mm x 150mm x 200 mm (approx)

    "TT-MCT/F" having following specifications.

    Yarn Length 250mm or 10"fixed length.
    Elongation Range +40mm with tolerance of – 5mm for movement in other direction.
    Size 1000 mm x 150mm x 200 mm (approx)

    All other specifications are same as per Model “TT-MCT”

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