Processing and Dyes Testing Instruments

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    Infra Colour Dyeing Machine

    PC-03 Microporcessor based Controller Construction of Material S.S.body 304

    Extra Beakers: Carriage suitable to hold 12 x 100 ML
    12 x 250 ML,06 x 500 ML, 4 x 1000 ML.

    Heating Through Infra Red Radiation.
    Heating Power 4.5kw.
    Rotation Fixed. 20 RPM/40 RPM.
    Max.Temperature 140 degree C
    Max.Rate of Heating Upto 5 degree C/Minute
    Materials of Beakers S.S.316
    Electric Supply 3 Phase +Neutral ,440V AC.
    Drive Equipped with ¼ H.P. Three Phase Geared Motor to give Fixed. 20 RPM/40 RPM of Rotor through Invertor. Motor &Gear Box Rotomative Make
    Auto Cooling By Air Blower

    Notes - Normally Machine is supplied with 12 x 250 ML. Beakers. The cost For beakers of other capacities will be extra & quoted on request.

    Extra for 12 x 100 ML Beaker. Each

    Extra for 12 x 150 ML Beaker. Each

    Extra for 6 x 500 ML Beaker. Each

    Extra for 4 x 1 Lit. Each

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