Fabric Feel Tester - Designed By IIT with Financial Support from DST - Delhi Mfg - Texlab Industires, Ahmedabad Gujarat

19 May,2012

We introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of Textile, Dyes & Chemical Laboratory Testing Instruments, based at Ahmedabad ,and are glad to inform you that we have been granted License to manufacture and Market Fabric Feel Tester – Highly sophisticated Machine developed by Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT)New Delhi.
Fabric feel is a generic term for the tactile sensations associated with fabrics, and it markedly influences consumer preferences of textile products. Although fabric handle is still being judged subjectively to a large extend, the need for objective methods to measure the fabric handle has always existed. At present there are few instruments available for evaluating fabric handle objectively, like Kawabata evaluation system for fabrics. The main disadvantages of this instrument are high cost, complexity and the time consuming procedure. It is proposed to develop a comprehensive system which would give a feel value as well as other mechanical specifications of a fabric in a single test. The proposed instrument will be very helpful to the industries who are dealing with the production, evaluation and applications of textile fabrics for process control, quality control and quick decision making. These industries are mainly weaving industries, processing industries, garment manufacturer, buying houses, test houses etc. It will be also very useful for the academic and research institutes for research and development of new types of fabrics.

Purpose of Instrument

  • To measure fabrics softness, feel directly
  • To select the optimum fabric finish treatment by comparing feel
  • To develop newer fabric with better feel.


  • In dyeing & finishing industries
  • In weaving industries
  • In garment manufacturing industries
  • In testing laboratories
  • In academic and research institutes.

Salient Features

  • Quick evaluation Low cost
  • Real time continuous graph
  • Different nozzle diameter for different types of fabric
  • Fixed operating speed
  • Separate load cell for axial and radial force measurement
  • Automatic stop motion

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