About Us

TEXLAB INDUSTRIES was established in 1971, manufacturing & trading related business. TEXLAB INDUSTRIES - company launched by Late Shree AMBALAL MISTRY for local and global region with the name of TEXLAB INDUSTRIES with various equipments for Textile Laboratory Testing Equipments in the field of textile testing services and also in textile laboratory processing in terms of manufacturing & trading in the day to day market.

To begin with we started mfg. of textile testing equipments like Wrap Reel, Twist Tester, Lea Strength Tester, Yarn Appearance Board Winding Machine & Tensile Testers etc.

In our diversification, we started mfg. of Dyes & Chemical Laboratory Testing Equipments like Rota Beaker Dyeing Machine, Infra Red Beaker Dyeing Machine, Sublimation Fastness Tester, Crock Meter etc.

We also offers testing and technical services

  • Yarn Manufacturing Industries
  • Yarn & Fabric Dyeing Industries
  • Garment Industry in the terms of Processing, Dyeing

Testing of all related tests to carry out smooth operations and production in achieving International Standards

We embrace research and science- bringing innovative ideas, product and service to advance textile industry and well-being of people. Based in Ahmedabad in India which is the hub for textile industry, we offer a wide range of product and service to reach our clients and some valuable information focusing on retaining our customers as and when needed by providing affordable cutting edge product for those looking for textile testing equipments at the most competitive price.

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